Photo taken by Mo Phung Photography


Hi, I’m Jacquie,

I’m a freelance designer born on Cape Breton Island, now based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I spend my days with my laptop in my den with my dog Indy, eagerly awaiting his daily walks. I thrive on learning and attend as many community and meet-up events that my introvert self can handle. In my down time I enjoy expressing creativity by drawing and painting, interior design experimentation, and trying to be generally handy.

I grew up creative, whether it was questionable outfit choices, re-arranging posters on my walls, painting, or playing make-believe outside. These interests translated to studying Fine Arts at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and then Graphic Design at NSCC.

I design because it brings purpose, beauty and business together. It is artistic yet disciplined. I help small-medium sized business', entrepreneurs and motivated people develop thoughtful and individually tailored visual strategies to build their brand, relationships and effectively communicate their services and work.