Daily Logo Series Challenge: Halfway Recap



 | What is it and why am I doing it?
|  Commitment (it's hard...)
| What creative expertise is worth (Hey, Picasso!
| 'Can I have a logo plz?'
| Supporting Visuals, Graphics, Drawings



What is it and why am I doing it?

If you follow me on Instagram (and see my posts OR stories..) you've definitely noticed me talking about #dailylogoseries. It is 100 consecutive days + 100 logo designs = a logo design every day for a few months. Today I'm at number 61. The designs are based on hypothetical companies, brands, etc. The 'made-up' aspect allows me to experiment freely/creatively without client parameters. The goal in this creative challenge is to push myself in process, style, commitment, and speed. I followed _Audreyelise when she did this challenge the first time and when she decided to do it again, I thought maybe I could too. Starting in January there's the ever-present 'NEW YEAR, new me' echoing everywhere so although it's mostly the 'same-me', this challenge seemed like the right one to take on.

Some days I spend twenty minutes on something and it comes together really nicely. Other times its three hours fine-tuning something that doesn't turn out great. Most days it's like pulling teeth. I have no ideas. I'm not sure where to start. I don't have a made-up business name. I am burnt out from a full-days work. ETC. I have to push through when I'm not able to focus and just-do-the-work. It reveals skill sets often forgotten and it's a necessary skill to be honed in doing creative work for a living.

So far, it has illuminated my creative process from start to finish. The other side of this is that 9/10 times I'm posting the designs online. So I'm putting creative work out into the world that isn't 'polished' to an audience that is used to seeing my more well-thought-out client projects. This is an exercise in itself. It comes with plenty of self-doubt and nerves and some fear of judgement. However, I can't control what anyone thinks of me or this challenge so... I try my best to put that aside on focus on the good.

I try to remember (from a Being Boss post), "The way people interpret what I create, that's their story. My story ends when I show it to the world." 

| Commitment:

For anyone that's done an 'every-day' challenge or really any at all... it's a process and it's difficult. Or at least it is for me, who thrives on a little spontaneity every day. I have missed six days so far. Instead of beating myself up with guilt about it, I carry on the next day where I left off. It may take longer but the point is that it continues and I'm not worse off because of it. At this point in my professional career, I feel confident but will always be pushing myself creatively and conceptually, this challenge is a condensed version of working on that. In client work, I try hard to tailor design-styles to the conceptual brand to be as individual as possible. 

| Ideas

Naturally, the hypothetical business names/ideas stem from my personal interests, whatever other content I'm consuming on the world wide web, or Apple music... Here's a few for reference:
- Global co-working group
- Architecture, interior design, property management companies
- A beach bar (because cmere Spring and warm sun)
- A moody ass whiskey lounge
- Meditation centre
- A women's support collective
- Occasional quotes or words I find interesting/songs that get stuck in my head, or something from whatever I may be watching. 
Some names and ideas also come from my followers which is awesome. If you have ideas please send them my way. I'll be very grateful. Do it!

| What creative expertise is worth (Hey, Picasso!

(lol) a story; 

Picasso's chillin havin' a beverage. Dude asks for a sketch. Picasso's like "chyeah" and does the thing. P then asks, "That'll be 1,000,000. plz" Dude: "UH WHY THO, this took you one minute to draw" Picasso, "It took me 40 years to be able to draw this." END SCENE. 

I think of this story often. Because value tends to be measured in time. Expertise is earned through dedication to a craft, whatever it may be. It isn't magic, it's hours and hours of struggle until it works and until creative process slowly becomes instinct. In my opinion, value can and should be based on accumulated and applied expertise.

| 'Can I have a logo plz?'

I've had a few inquiries about if the designs are available for free or purchase. I have definitely thought about how to offer these for purchase if someone finds value in this challenge because I wouldn't want them to 'go to waste.' One commitment I made in the beginning was that these will not reflect someone's existing business or new venture aka, I won't work or provide designs for free. The reason for this is that in any client work there is a great deal of time invested in defining the brand, goals and ideal outcomes of working together and out of respect to my clients they invest in this process. Extensive questionnaires, conversations, and most importantly knowing the inside of the business is essential to grow their brand.

I've learned the hard way that designing before defining the background and design purpose, is a big no-no. No steps shall be skipped! Or outcomes will be mixed.

If you've been following along with this challenge, thank you. I've received lots of comments, input and feedback from people.. I love it and I mean it. Talking to my plants and the dog most days while amazing, gets old. Thanks peeps. Here's some extra visual content I may or may not have shared throughout this process to get me through!

To the second half.