You may be a small and growing business or an established one that needs a refresh. Your brand and website should be a direct reflection of your expertise. If it doesn’t feel that way, view the design packages below to get a sense of how we can elevate your business to thrive.


Brand Discovery

Brand Assessment

A brand assessment reviews your business strengths’, your needs, your goals and creates a report overview with direction on how to achieve growth and increase engagement, sales and customer loyalty. 

Brand Style Guide

A brand style guide is a blueprint that demonstrates how to use all elements of your brand. It’s a simple guideline that adds so much power to your business by showing the correct ways to use each element, so anyone can implement the guidelines to ensure consistency and a memorable impression every time. 

Brand Design

Branding elevates your business by immediately establishing trust and clarity with your ideal customers. It is designed with meaning and strategy infused. Through a collaborative approach, we build a set of logos, and visual pieces that accurately communicate what you offer.



Average 2-3.5 weeks from acceptance of quote + down-payment, to completion and delivery of all brand files with guide and item of choice. 


Quote is custom to each client and is dependent on various factors. Please reach out to start the conversation. Payments are available for all projects.


+ Brand Questionnaire
+ Discovery Session
+ Strategy Outline
+ Collaborative Design
With revisions and collaboration as determined in quote


+ Moodboard creation to set creative direction
+ Primary Logo 
+ Secondary Logo
+ Typography Selection
+ Custom Colour Palette
+ PDF Brand Guide for Use
+ One Collateral Item (or social media launch graphic)

Website Design

Having a well-designed website where customers can get all the information they need to trust, buy and recommend your business to others puts the power in your hands in a professional and credible manner. Many small business rely on social media to reach their audience but in order to convert our social media efforts into sales, and maintain longevity, utilizing a professional website is vital.



Average 2.5-5.5 weeks from start acceptance of quote + down-payment to completion and delivery of brand files. This timeline is dependent on the complexity of your website. 


Pricing starts at $2500. Each quote is custom and is dependent on various factors. Please reach out to start the conversation. Payments are available for all projects. 


+ Brand Questionnaire
+ Discovery Session
+ Strategy Outline
+ Collaborative Design
With revisions and collaboration as determined in quote


+ Design strategy document
+ Responsive mobile optimized design
+ Custom CSS Design
+ Basic Squarespace Training 

+ Option add-on for on-going updates as needed. (example: seasonal promotions, minor updates, etc.) Small quarterly fee, or monthly fee dependent on your needs. 


Logo design

If you need a logo for a new potential idea or product, but don’t want to go through the whole branding process, logo design is available. The process includes three different logo options, conversation and decision on those designs, with two rounds of revisions included to bring the logo design to completion. 

Pricing starts at $845. Payments are available.

Print design

Print design is available for items such as reports, event programs, presentations, brochures, etc. Pricing is based on requirements. 

Social design

Social design is available for those who may need consistent imagery to make social media posting easier. This can also involve creating brand consistency across social media channels, designing all cover photos and other images to be cohesive. Pricing is based on requirements. 

Custom design

Not seeing what you’re looking for? I’ve worked in a number of agencies across various industries and have a vast portfolio besides what I display on my website and social media channels. Working across many different industries has allowed me to adapt my design styles as required. Send me a message with your inquiry to talk more.

Individual Services


If you're interested in working together but aren't sure about taking the next step I encourage you to get in touch. There's no commitment necessary for a conversational consultation. It's a working relationship and if it's not the right fit I can recommend other trusted local business or agencies for your needs. If you are looking to understand more about how design can elevate your business and give you a return on investment reach out to talk.


Do your homework on your new business name and if the official name is available in your province, or state. Check if the website address (domain name) is available. Service pricing is important but lower, or very high doesn't always mean better. Look around to see what the average is and ask your designer how this work will translate into helping your business. Make sure you can communicate clearly with your designer. Loving their work is also a pretty big bonus if you feel their style aligns with your vision.

Lets go

Send me a message. Together we'll figure out the right plan and budget. From there a partial down payment will be made to begin work with a schedule to keep both sides focused and on track. Feedback can be in-person (depending on location) or online via email, Skype, Facetime, or Google chat.

How to Start


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